1. Acid Whey Powder
2. Bacon Bits
3. Capsicums
4. Caramel
5. Carnauba Wax
6. Cheese Flavors
7. Cheese Powders
8. Cheese Mixers
9. Coconut Cream
10. Coconut Concentrated
11. Coconut Shreaded
12. Colors ) Natural and Artificial
13. Dehydrated Coconut
14. Dehydrated Potatoes
15. Dehydrated Vegetables
16. Dehydrated Fruits
17. Egg White Powder
18. Fruit Flavors
19. Flours, all kind
20. Flours all kind
21. Gelatin, Powder Form
22. Maltodextrin
23. Marshmallows
24. Malt Extract
25. Mustard Seeds
26. Oleoresins
27. Poultry Flavors

28. Pork Flavors
29. Sausage Flavors
30. Seafood Flavors
31. Spices, Whole and Powder
32. Sweet Whey Powder
33. Raisins
34. Vegetable Oils
35. Vanilla Flavor
36. Vanilla, Vanilline
37. Vegetable Oil
38. Whole Eggs, Eggs Yolk, Egg Whites
39. Banana Chips
40. Lard, Vegetable Fats
41. Soy Sauce
42. Tomato Items
43. Sweet Relish
44. Different cut vegetables
45. Concentrated Vinegar
46. Worstershire Sauce
47. Talcs for Food and Pharmaceutical Applications
48. Red Fermented Rice
49. Anticaking Agents
50. Gum Base Regulators
51. Methods for increasing oil yields
52. Coating Agents
53. Texturing Coats.

1)- Almonds
2)- Bacon
3)- Beef
4)- Butter
5)- Chicken
6)- Cinnamon
7)- French Toast
8)- Lemon
9)- Mocha
10)- Orange
11)- Pineapple
12)- Seafood
13)- Asiago Cheese
14)- Banana
15)- Blue Berry
16)- Caraway
17)- Chocolate
18)- Coconut

Ham Flavors 200 + different flavors
Reaction Flavors
Natural Flavors
Natural Smoke Flavors
Smokeless Smoke
Bakers Yeast
Brewers Yeast
Flavor Boosters
Yeast Extracts
Natural Yeast Extracts
Live Culture Yeast.
With or Without MSG
Organics and Cross-pollinating upon request
Saba’s List of Coconut Products

a)-Coconut Sugar
b)-Coconut Flower
c)-Sweeten Coconut
d)-Coconut Water
e)-Toasted Coconut
g)-Virgin Coconut
f)-Value Added

a)-Coconut Sugar

1)-Suchero Light
2)-Low Glycemic natural sweetener.
1)-Suchero Sprinkle
2)-Suchero Blonde

b)-Coconut Flower

1)-Desiccated Coconut Cake Material (after VCO Low Carbohydrates)
2)-Gluten Free Coconut Flower

c)-Sweeten Coconut

1)-Desiccated Coconut fresh and tender
1)-Tender fresh fancy shread
2)-Tender fresh medium shread
3)-tender fresh flakes

d)-Coconut Water

1)-Pure Filtered Coconut water slightly cloudy
2)-Cocunut water concentrate
(Coconuts before undergoing HTST Pasteurization process)

e)-Toasted Coconut

*note: Kosher and Halal Certified
1)-Used as topping in confections: Cookies, Ice Cream, Doughnuts.
1)-Golden Toasted Sweeten Chip
2)-Golden Toasted Salted Chip
3)-Golden toasted thick slice unsweetened
4)-Golden Toasted Rice Cut
5)-Golden Toasted Coconut Flakes
6)-Golden Toasted shread
7)-Golden Toasted Niblets
8)-Golden Toasted Macaroon.

e)-Virgin Coconut Oil.

Pressed from Dessicated coconut or Sr. Coconut
(Not to be confused with Copra).

9)- Used for Culinary Food
10)- Supplement Application.

f)-Value Added

a)-Created Coconut
b)-Versatile Milling Process, Finely ground

1)- Almonds
2)- Bacon
3)- Beef
4)- Butter
5)- Chicken
6)- Cinnamon
7)- French Toast
8)- Lemon
9)- Mocha
10)- Orange
11)- Pineapple
12)- Seafood
13)- Asiago Cheese
14)- Banana
15)- Blue Berry
16)- Caraway
17)- Chocolate
18)- Coconut
19)- Jamaican Rum
20)- Mapple
21)- Onion
22)- Peppermint
23)- Savory Vegetable
24)- Smoke
25)- Vanilla Powder
26)- Vanilla Tox
27)- Vanillin

Oil Extracts

1)- Almond
2)- Chocolate
3)- Lemon
4)- Orange
5)- Peppermint
6)- Anise
7)- Cinamon
8)- Lemon
9)- Vanilla

Vegeable Oils
Drying Oils
Nut Oil

Saba’s List of Animal Nutrition


a)-Essential Fatty Acids

1)-Omega 3
2)-Omega 6


1)-Amino Acids

a) Essential

b) Non-Essential


1)- Premium Organic Fertilizer from By-Product Waste from Farms with a
unique granulation and drying process.

d)-Macro Minerals

e)-Trace Minerals




Alpha Keto Glutaric Acid
Alpha Keto Leucine
Amino acid Chelated Zinc
Amino acid Complexed Selenium
Arginine Alpha Keto Glutarate
Arginine Malate
Beta Alanine
Boron Amino Acid Chelate
Boron Aspartate
Boron Bisglycinate
Boron Citrate
Calcium Alpha Keto Glutarate
Calcium Amino Acid Chelate
Calcium Ascorbate
Calcium DL Methionine
Calcium L Methionine
Carbo Cysteine
Chromium Amino Acid Chelate
Chromium Arginate
Chromium Citrate
Chromium Yeast
Cobalt Chelate
Copper Amino Acid Chelate
Copper Aspartate
Copper Citrate
Copper Gluconate
Copper Glycinate
Copper Lycinate
Copper Yeast
Cysteamine Hcl
D Arginine
D Aspargine Monohydrate
D Aspartic
D Citrulline
D Mannoheptulose
D Mannose
D Pinitol
D Proline
D Ribose
D Tryptophan
D Xylose
DL Alanine
DL Arginine
DL Asparagine Monohydrate
DL Aspartic
DL Crysteine Base
DL Cysteine Mono Hydrate
DL Cystine Base
DL Methionine
DL Phenylalanine
DL Tryptophan
DL Zinc Mono Methionine
Germanium Chelate
Iodine Chelate
Iron Amino Acid Chelate
Iron Aspartate
Iron Bisglycinate
Iron Gluconate
Iron Glycinate
Iron Lactate
L Acetyl Hydroxy Proline
L Alanine
L Arabinose
L Arginine Aspartate
L Arginine Base
L Arginine Hcl
L Arginine Pyroglutamate
L Aspargine Monohydrate
L Aspartic
L Aspartic Acid
L Carnitine Base
L Carnitine Bi Tartarate
L Carnitine Fumarate
L Carnitine HCL
L Carnitine Tartarate
L Carnosine
L Citrulline
L Citrulline Malate
L Cysteine Base
L Cysteine Hcl Anhydrous
L Cysteine Mono Hcl
L Cystine Base
L Cystine HCL
L Glutamic Acid
L Glutamine
L Glutamine Peptide
L Glutathione(Reduced)
L Glycine
L Histidine Base
L Histidine HCL Monhydrate
L Hydroxy Lysine
L Hydroxy Proline
L Isoleucine
L Leucine
L Lysine Methionine
L Ornithine Hcl
L Ornithine Ketoglutarate
L Phenylalanine
L Proline
L Pyroglutamic Acid
L Ribose
L Selenium Methionine
L Seleno Methyl Cysteine
L Serine
L Taurine
L Theanine
L Threonine
L Tryptophan
L Tyrosine
L Zinc Mono Methionine
Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate
Magnesium Ascorbate
Magnesium Aspartate
Magnesium DL Aspartate
Magnesium Glycinate
Magnesium Glycinate
Magnesium Malate
Magnesium Orotate Dihydrate
Magnesium Taurate
Magnesium Taurinate
Magnesium Yeast
Manganese Amino Acid Chelate
Manganese Ascorbate
Manganese Glycinate
Manganese Methionine
Manganese Yeast
Molybednum Chelate
N Acetyl Carnitine HCL
N Acetyl D Glucosamine
N Acetyl D Mannosamine
N Acetyl L Carnitine
N Acetyl L Carnitine HCL
N Acetyl L Cysteine
N Acetyl L Glutamine
N Acetyl L Tyrosine
N-Acetyl L Carnosine
Nickel Chelate
Ornithine Alpha Keto Glutarate
Palmitoyl pentapeptide
Phosphorus Chelate
Potassium Aspartate
Potassium Chelate
Potassium DL Aspartate
Potassium L Aspartate
Potassium Magnesium
Pyridoxine Alpha Ketoglutarate
S Carboxymethyl Cysteine
Sodium L Aspartate
Taurine Sodium Salt
Trans Hydroxy L Proline
Vanadium Chelate
Vanadium Citrate
Zinc Arginate
Zinc Aspartate
Zinc Citrate
Zinc Methionine Chelate

Applications for Food Products

Natural Mold Inhibitors
Natural Antioxidants
Gluten Free Products
Pea Protein
Shelf Life Extenders
Mediterranean Flavor Enhancers
Lauric Arginate
Probiotic Supplements
Vegetarian Meat Alternatives

Dry Condiments
Specialty Lipids
Specialty Flours
Extruded Crisps


Ice Cream Emulsifiers
Ice Cream Coatings
Bake Stable Fillings
Ice Cream Fats
Wheat Crispy

Tylose Powder
Biscuit Fats

Arabian Spices
Baharat Spice Blends
Mono and Diglycerides
Potassium Sorbate
Soy Lecithin
Caramel Colors
Xanthan Gum

Locust Beam Gum
Sugar Corn Syrup

Food Minerals

Iron Potassium

Bakery Products

Cold Custard Powder/Eggless
Starch for Bakery Products
Farmers Multigrain
MCT Oil Fat Powder 70%
Bakery Fat
Grown Nut Fat Powder
Natural Sugar Free
Custard Powder Coco Diethanolamide
Gelling Agents


Fennel Seed
Red Chilli
Black Cardamon
White Pepper
Black Pepper
Black Cumin
Cinnamon and Buds
Citric Acid
Cumin Seed
Pomegranate Seed
Salt/also no Iodine Salt
Star Anise
Dried Chilli Peppers
Carolina Reaper Peppers
Garlic Powder
Dried Ginger
Green Cardamon
Black Salt
Long Pepper
Habanero Pepper
Mango Powder
Mustard Seed

Organic Lentils
Organic Dried Pea
Organic Garlic
Organic Mustard
Organic Mustard
Organic Soybean
Organic Oregano
Please Inquire about other Organic Products.

Kosher Certificate with certain products, upon request